Monday, 19 January 2015

News from soundLINCS

soundLINCS Putting the Focus on Folk

A new mapping resource has gone live on soundLINCS’ website this week to help young people find folk groups and opportunities across the East Midlands and help put the Focus on Folk!

This mapped resource is available on the soundLINCS website at and highlights singarounds, ceilidhs, folk clubs, folk concerts, folk festivals, organisations and collaboratives providing folk activities, workshops, courses and events for young people taking place across the region, together with information of nationally available resources / toolkits, digital resources and workforce development activities assisting in teaching and community engagement.

We want the map to keep growing so your contributions are welcome!  If you know of any other opportunities or resources in your area not currently on this map, please get in touch with soundLINCS at or by calling us on 01522 510073 and we will happily include them.

How Can You Improve Your Workshop Techniques?

As a freelance Music Practitioner have you ever felt isolated in your work and thought it would be great to have the chance to talk to like-minded, experienced, contemporaries about your workshop techniques and working practice; or to get a personalised outside perspective on what you do and how you do it, to discuss on a 1-2-1 basis how you may develop or enhance your musical offer?
soundLINCS is offering up to 10 Music Practitioners the chance for a peer to attend their workshop for FREE. This unique learning and development opportunity is designed to help inspire, energise and develop your delivery by way of an accessible approach to observational practice.
Telephone us on 01522 510073 or email to let us know what your needs are and how we can help and support you on a confidential 1-2-1 basis!  Get in touch for more information and book an appointment for an informal observation and reflection on your session and working practices.

‘I Could Do That’ – Know About and Use Early Years Apps

During Summer 2014 soundLINCS held ‘Early Years Arts in the Park – I Could Do That’; a free active creative learning event held in Rufford Abbey Country Park by soundLINCS and the Nottinghamshire County Council Arts Service.

The event built on the simple phrase ‘I can do that’ by using the known habits of settings to create and develop a programme of events and activities that inspire and enthuse Early Years practitioners and their groups.

soundLINCS have released the first of a series of 4 videos illustrating the active learning provided by music workshops on the day, available at This video offers an overview of the workshop ‘Know About and Use Early Years Apps’ with soundLINCS’ Music Facilitator Eddy Mentzel.

In his workshop Eddy used iPads to demonstrate a variety of tried and tested music apps for early year’s activities, enabling practitioners and children to explore and create music using the iPads, and gain advice from a music technology specialist.

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