Monday, 29 September 2014 - Bringing Leicestershire to Life - #leicsismore!

Leicestershire TV – The home of local video
Leicestershire is soon to have the most innovative online local TV service in the UK.  A new campaign site has just been launched to let people know how they can get involved and present the exciting opportunities coming up. will inspire, inform, entertain and connect people. The team behind the venture has been driving niche web TV projects in the US and UK for the last six years. As CEO of Channel 2020 and founder of Leicestershire TV Ltd, Rob Potter explains:
“Although we are now based in London and New York, we started in Leicester and still like to call it our home. We’ve been studying the best way a new style of local web TV could work for many years. It will be wonderful to pioneer this in Leicestershire”.
No one denies the scale of the challenge in driving support for this in a county not normally known for its media credentials. But Rob Potter is up for the challenge:
“There’s a real sense of optimism running through peoples’ veins about what is going on here.  Almost every other week, the local area has got something amazing to celebrate. Putting five goals past Man Utd is just another tick in the evolving success story. We believe will not only present but also help fuel a brighter future for Leicestershire.”
The aim is to make Leicestershire the most video connected county in Britain. will provide an opportunity for local people, groups and organisations to upload videos and even create their own niche channels. A new generation of video innovation trendsetters (VITS) are using video to express their interests, ideas, skills, stories or fun moments. Rob Potter has no doubt that this kind of bite-sized TV viewing will have a major influence on our lives.  
“The way we consume TV is changing. Technology will allow us to watch what we want, when and wherever we choose. Other than the big budget and mass audience films and programmes, most TV will be online content that we can easily search for on platforms like that meet our needs and interests”. is all about the “power of local”. That means empowering local people to express themselves and feel more in tune with what is going on around them. YouTube is great, but it is not focused on local news, stories and people. lets you explore and share content with local people or friends- the people you are more likely to run into each day. will have no pre-roll ads- just lots of channels about topical events, entertainment, sport, shopping, health, business, community, people and a wealth of other subjects. 
Although many channels will have more professionally created content, most will feature people sharing their life, experiences, ideas and stories with other local people via video. The most liked and viewed content will always be more easily visible.
Users can have their own personalised home pages relevant to their interests.  With you won’t have to search to find what interests you.  Registered subscribers will get any content that relates to chosen interests sent directly to their home page with email prompts.
There is no “big-bang” launch expected. will grow organically through a series of campaigns to engage local people. The starting point will be to showcase the range of talent and rising stars across arts, entertainment, sport and business. Not surprisingly, the first target group will be up and coming or existing film and video makers. Many of these could become’s new ‘media makers’. This will be followed by a search to find the best local musicians & bands around. All details can be seen on the new campaign site.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Children's Activities - Katherine Fortnum Ceramics

We have a wide variety of fun ceramic workshops for ages 4+! 1 child £17, 2 children £30, 3 children £45

There’s a wide variety of choices from making your very own hedgehog, roses, cave paintings, treasure chests and many more!

Ceramics Workshops do not run on specific dates, date and time availability is flexible- weekdays, evenings, weekends, to check availability just enquire with your desired date.

15 knoll street, market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9QR / / 07732789997

Monday, 8 September 2014

Why Don't You? PechaKucha - Thursday 6th November

It’s all about finding new ways to collaborate with new people. Following the success of our previous PechaKucha networking events, we’re back with 20 images in 6 minutes presented by a host of inspirational creatives from Leicester including John Coster from Citizens' Eye and Clare Hudson from the University of Leicester. Plus special regional and national guests including Elinor Morgan from Birmingham's Eastside Projects. Come and join us and perhaps spark your next collaboration.
Book your free ticket here

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Our September ebulletin is out now! Including jobs, exhibition opportunities, training, funding & plenty more! Plus info about our next PechaKucha event and our Autumn/Winter 2014 learning programme.

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