Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free tools for promoting music

Nick Dunn at Horus Music gave a whole host of fantastic tips on promoting your music at his workshop for us last week. Just a few of the free tools/tips he gave were:

  • When recording your music make sure you do a 'radio edit' of some tracks (of max 2 mins 30 secs)

  • Also make sure you have footage of you in the studio or live to put on utube etc

  • Tastemakers such as can help you reach a wider public

  • Make sure you are registered with PPL (for performers) and PRS (for writers) to get any royalties you are owed.

  • Have some regular social interaction with fans/followers live and online via Facebook, Twitter, Ping (for Itunes) etc

  • helps you sell music and merchandising to your fans

  • Get some response to your work at

  • can help you license your music for use in film, adverts, games etc. If you are serious about getting licensing deals look at how the BPI can help (eg. the LA Sync Mission).

  • The Music Managers Forum is a great source of support for managers/record labels.

Many thanks to Nick at

Monday, 14 February 2011

Succeeding in comedy in Edinburgh (& Leicester)

Chris Lander from the comedy promoters Phil McIntyre and Geoff Rowe from Leicester Comedy Festival came to talk to a small, but quality group of aspiring comedians on Saturday at Embrace Arts, Leicester. Both had many hints on how to make the most of performing at Edinburgh and Leicester. Key hints for stand-up and theatre shows included: - Get as much stage time as possible to hone your act before going to Edinburgh. You can often get uppaid slots through social network sites such as Chortle's Open Mic networks and Facebook's many Open Mic networks. - Make sure you have some material online. Increasingly acts are getting agents/bookings because of the number of hits they are getting for sketches and excerpts on Facebook/utube etc - Have followers. People will be more likely to give you a gig or slot at a Festival if you can bring an audience with you. - See Edinburgh and Leicester as a showcase. Audiences are important, but focus on getting agents, promoters, reviewers and other comics to see your show. Leicester Comedy Festival continues until Sunday 20 Feb:

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Time Management for Creatives

Mark McGuinness' session at the LCB Depot went well last night. Here is the link to his ebook on time management: I thought the following exercise was useful: 1) List what you love to do 2) List what others love you to do 3) Look at the overlap 4) See how you can maximise this overlap as much as possible

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Being a Part-Time Creative

Succeeding in a creative career can be a struggle. For some, the only way to achieve their ambitions is by combining their passion for creativity with a second job.
Creative Choices have an interesting article on the 'Part-Time' Creative and offer advice on how to survive as one

Managing the Day Job