Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Perin Townlson Ceramins: Featured Business of the Month

Perin Towlson Ceramics is our Featured Business of the Month as well as being featured on our Home Page, please read below for exciting news about her recent commission

Perin Towlson is the artist & ceramicist  commissioned to design and make the ceramic pots used for the re-interment of Richard III in March 2015.

The handmade porcelain lidded pots were made to commemorate his life and contain the soils from the places where the King was born, lived and died. The soils were combined in his coffin during the re-interment ceremony.

Three lidded porcelain pots comprise a set and each lid has a different mark. Identified by having one dimple for his birth place (Fotheringay Castle, Northampton), two dimples for where he spent his adult life (Middleham Castle,Yorkshire) and three dimples for where he died (Bosworth, Leicestershire).

Leicestershire based artist Perin, a De Montfort University graduate, worked closely with Michael Ibsen a distant relative of Richard III who was also the maker of the royal coffin and wooden casket on this, her first commission.

She was offered the commission through her membership of Creative Leicestershire, an arts organisation supporting local artists.

One set of pots is on display in Leicester Cathedral and one at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre.