Friday, 22 August 2014

Charnwood Arts - Craftivist Garden

Charnwood Arts is a regional coordinator in a project run by the Craftivist Collective and Falmouth  University. Please follow the link for full project details.

We would like you to make flowers for the Craftivist  Garden. They can be stitched/embroidered onto fabric, or crocheted, or knitted. Examples can be viewed on the Craftivist Collective web-site (above).

Your flowers don't need to be complicated and no bigger than 15cm in diameter. We would like you to focus on these five questions about well-being whilst you are crafting:

1.       What does it mean to realise our potential?

2.       What does it mean to cope with daily stress?

3.       What does it mean to contribute productively to society?

4.       How has crafting helped you engage with the issue of well-being?

5.       Is there anything you want to tell us about your crafting story?

As well as collecting the flowers we are gathering up the answers to these questions to add to the study being done by Falmouth  University and the Craftivist Collective.

All of the flowers will be exhibited as gardens in London ,at Clarence House in January 2015. The work will be presented as a kind of petition to parliament to explain to MP's the importance of crafting to well-being. 

We would like you to send them to Charnwood Arts (address can be found at the bottom of this post or on the Charnwood Arts web-site) in a freezer bag along with your responses to the five questions and your own crafting story along with your name and a contact email address.

Please also download the App which can be found on the web-site (follow the link above) this will register you as part of the project, your location etc. Don’t worry too much if you can’t do this, you can still join the project, just post us your flower and we will do the rest.

We won’t be able to send the flowers back to you but they will all be exhibited again as part of The Big Knitting Groups exhibition at Charnwood  Museum in June/July 2015. "Our Knitted Story" Is a  collaboration between Charnwood Arts Big Knitting Group and the artist Sarah Green. Sarah has been working closely with Charnwood Arts as part of her MA studies (Art in the Public Sphere)

The flowers will be used as part of an installation "The Enchanted Garden" That will feature not only flowers but magical creatures and will be a storytelling environment in the exhibition space. The installation will be utilised during the show by storytellers and groups. 

The deadline for your flowers is Friday December the 19th 2014

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