Thursday, 1 December 2011

Running Successful Workshops

Rachel Phelps ran us a really great seminar last week on Running Successful Workshops.

The seminar focused on creating Authentic Learning experiences for your participants. Authentic Learning uses activities were participants learn by 'doing' rather than by listening and uses real-world situations to help solve problems.

She gave us some useful tips and got us to take part in activities that could then be used in our own workshop settings.

Some of the tips she gave us were:

  • Have lots of different activities to help understand how people learn. Some prefer to move around whilst others may prefer to sit at a table.
  • Be prepared to deviate from your plans to fit in with how your participants learn
  • Keep a logbook for what went well and what didn't 
  • Make sure to keep it real for you and your participants
  • Always get feedback and build on it
  • Set out your plan into a learning framework by; 
    • Framing your aim into a question
    • Put it into a timeline
    • Break it down into units/objectives
    • Evaluate and assess the session

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