Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free tools for promoting music

Nick Dunn at Horus Music gave a whole host of fantastic tips on promoting your music at his workshop for us last week. Just a few of the free tools/tips he gave were:

  • When recording your music make sure you do a 'radio edit' of some tracks (of max 2 mins 30 secs)

  • Also make sure you have footage of you in the studio or live to put on utube etc

  • Tastemakers such as can help you reach a wider public

  • Make sure you are registered with PPL (for performers) and PRS (for writers) to get any royalties you are owed.

  • Have some regular social interaction with fans/followers live and online via Facebook, Twitter, Ping (for Itunes) etc

  • helps you sell music and merchandising to your fans

  • Get some response to your work at

  • can help you license your music for use in film, adverts, games etc. If you are serious about getting licensing deals look at how the BPI can help (eg. the LA Sync Mission).

  • The Music Managers Forum is a great source of support for managers/record labels.

Many thanks to Nick at

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